Miracle #34931

Celebrate your Progress

Today is about celebrating who you are and how far you have come. Take some time to celebrate who you are right now and the transformations and expansions you have made on this journey. It isn’t always an easy task to be in a human body that it growing and expanding and yet the joys, rewards, and expansion that you have been experiencing as a soul has been astounding from the view of the angels.

Look into your heart and see that you have come through many tests and trials and there were many times you felt you might not make it out of the forest, feeling there are so many obstacles, that it just isn’t worth the journey. Yet at other times you have created magnificently, and felt so much love and joy. Use the energy of these victories to help pull you through the challenging times and as you find the path of least resistance, celebrate each step.

Your Angel guidance is to celebrate today, and celebrate all that you have and do, all that you are and all that you have been through, then focus on the joy of today and trust that you can tackle tomorrow in a new light of love.

Affirmation: “I celebrate this day and all the opportunities it brings my way, exploring this wonderful adventure called life”

And so it is

You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels


Thank you!


Miracle #34925

~ Manifest Miracles: White and Diamond ~

White and Diamond are Color Channels to Manifest Everyday Miracles. For Angel Intuitives, White and Diamond are associated with the Archangel Gabriel and Ascended Master Serapis Bey, on the 4th Ray of the Working of Miracles.

Other qualities associated with this Ray are Joy, Clarity, and Purity of Intention.

If you are drawn to wear White clothing, and Diamonds or Clear Quartz are your favorite gemstones, your Soul is most likely a devotee of the 4th Ray.

Meg Hill, Color Intuitive


Thank you!

Miracle #34921

Whole Essence of the Universe and Root of all Sacred Geometry~~

God was symbolized as a circle in the earliest cultures, having no beginning or end, eternally existing, perfectly shaped and absolutely symmetrical. The creation of a second circle symbolized the start of the duality of god and goddess, male and female. When two circles intersect, the form of the Vesica Pisces is created as if the god and goddess formed a divine offspring. The Vesica Pisces design and its offshoots, the Flower of Life, Tree of Life, and fundamentals of geometry, go back thousands of years preceding nearly all of today’s major religions.

There are various meanings ascribed the Vesica Pisces, which is basically the intersection of two, overlapping spheres; such as the union of heaven and Earth in the body of Christ, the root element of the Flower of Life, the merging of God and Goddess, the vagina of the female goddess, the first pattern at the basis of all trigonometric configurations, square roots and harmonic dimensions; a source of great power and vitality, and as an overlying template that intersects with all the points on the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life, Flower of Life, and the Seed of Life overlap perfectly, with the Vesica Pisces providing all of the elements of the Flower of Life and all the coordinates for the Tree of Life.


Thank you!